The CIREM provides access to the MestReNova (MNova) program via a site license at ULB. This software allows the processing of Bruker, Jeol and Varian spectra on your personal computers as long as you are a member of ULB.

The license, the procedure for processing spectra and the processing templates are stored on the shared CIREM OwnCloud folder.

To access it, follow this link (password: CIR€M@ulb).

The detailed information about data retrieval and IT aspects at CIREM is available in SOP G-User-03 in the same OwnCloud folder.

JEOL Delta software is available free of charge for ULB users. You can download it and ask for license from JEOL NMR support website by creating an online account with your ULB email address.​​​

In addition to the user manuals included in Delta, useful tips for the use of Delta software for data acquisition and processing can be found online on the Jeol website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question.