If you need long, specific and/or non-routine experiments (see details below) performed on one of our high resolution spectrometers in la Plaine, fill in the experiment request form and send it in PDF through the form at the bottom of this page. The CIREM staff will contact you as soon as possible to plan your experiments.

Download of experiment request form (password : CIR€M@ulb)

When is it needed to send an experiment request form?

  • For routine experiments (1D or 2D, 1H/19F/13C) on J400 longer than 2 h for one sample (type I and type II researchers);
  • For other experiments (1D or 2D, other nuclei or specific configuration/setup) on J400 (type I and type II researchers);
  • For experiments on J600 (type I researchers).

Please find here some information about the experiment time for various routine experiments:

Experiment Approximate time
1H or 19F 1D spectrum, 16 scans 2 min
1H or 19F 1D spectrum, 64 scans 8 min
31P 1D spectrum, 64 scans 10 min
13C spectrum, 1000 scans 1 h
gDQCOSY/TOCSY 8 scans 30 min
HSQC 8 scans/256 increments 1 h
HMBC 8 scans/256 increments 1 h

For booking of time slots on our equipments for short routine experiments on B300 and J400 or more advanced experiments on V400 or J600 spectrometers (type II researchers only), please use the online booking system to book a time slot.

Please fill all the required fields before clicking on the send button at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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