The CIREM allows its users to use MestreNova software for NMR data processing and analysis through a campus licence (available on the CIREM users shared OwnCloud folder – password: CIR€M@ulb).

A NMR data processing tutorial for the CIREM spectrometers is available on OwnCloud (procedure P-User-07) and we provide NMR data processing and display templates (in the « MNova Processing and display templates » folder on OwnCloud).

We also provide basic and advanced trainings for the use of MestreNova to the users of our platform. The replay of the 2021 training for routine use of MNova is available just here.

MestreNova website is a useful tool to learn how this powerful software works. We compiled a non-exhaustive list of useful video or written tutorials that could help you to understand better this software. It goes from the basics of processing for 1D and 2D NMR spectra to more advanced use of the software (DOSY, qNMR, reaction monitoring etc.).

MNova starting guide is also available. Follow this link to download.

Feel free to use these tutorials to get more knowledge about MestreNova. We will be happy to help you with your questions !

1D :

2D :


qNMR :

Reaction monitoring :

Metabonomics :